Building on the resounding success of the inaugural International Conference on Green Hydrogen (ICGH 2023), which focused on "Production, Storage, and Application" under the evocative theme of "Green Hydrogen, Green Future," held in Rabat on July 6-8, 2023, we are delighted to continue our commitment to this promising energy source on both national and international scales. Therefore, the Mohammed V University, the Faculty of Sciences of Rabat, and the College of Engineering and Architecture of the International University of Rabat, in partnership with the University of Picardie Jules Verne in France and the Averroès Foundation for the Promotion of Scientific Research, Innovation, and Sustainable Development, are pleased to announce the second edition of the International Conference on Green Hydrogen (ICGH 2024), scheduled for December 4-6, 2024, in Rabat, under the theme "Toward a Green Hydrogen Ecosystem."

This conference aims to bring together key stakeholders in the field of Green Hydrogen, including exhibitors, experts, researchers, and industry professionals, to facilitate knowledge exchange and highlight Moroccan and international ambitions in the renewable energy and green hydrogen domain. It also encourages African youth leadership in climate initiatives and facilitates a global dialogue among researchers, professionals, industrialists, and policymakers.

The choice of the theme "Toward a Green Hydrogen Ecosystem" is particularly relevant as it underscores the importance of developing not only green hydrogen production technologies but also comprehensive infrastructure for storage, distribution, and end-use applications. Indeed, creating a complete ecosystem around green hydrogen is essential to foster its widespread adoption and effective integration into existing energy systems. This entails establishing production, transport, and distribution networks for hydrogen, as well as developing innovative solutions for its utilization in various sectors such as transportation, industry, and energy storage. To achieve this ambitious goal, fostering interdisciplinary collaborations among researchers, engineers, policymakers, and industrial stakeholders is necessary to develop holistic and sustainable solutions for green hydrogen.

Therefore, we hope that this conference will facilitate new partnerships and collaborations while inspiring innovative solutions for sustainable production, storage, and application of green hydrogen.